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About Us - Housecleaning by the OCD Sisters

Serving the following Florida Counties since 1998

      * ManaSota
      * Manatee
      * Sarasota
      * Pinellas
White Bedroom

Donna Hall, Owner


Diane Fiechter, "Pinch Hitter" & Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Welcome to Housecleaning by the OCD Sisters, LLC.  I am Donna Hall, owner of OCD Sisters


I started cleaning in Pinellas County, FL in 1998.  I worked finance for years, but when my daughter was born I came to the conclusion that I wanted to care for her myself.  So, I started cleaning for people (neighbors, friends, family) and took her with me.


After two years of carting around her Pack 'n Play and VHS tapes (if you're old enough to even know what they, I enrolled her in Pre-K and started cleaning full-time.  "Housecleaning by Donna" was born.  

In June of 2011, my sister, Diane, moved to Manatee County, FL from our hometown in NJ and joined my business. Our customers teased us about how OCD we were and so we took on the nickname, OCD Sisters. We officially became licensed as Housecleaning by the OCD Sisters. In 2018, we officially became a Limited Liablility Company and we are now officially and legally, Housecleaning By The OCD Sisters, LLC



We still have several of our original "friends and family" clients but we consider all of our clients friends and family.  Looking forward to having you join our family.

Thanks for submitting!



Susan B. says...“This is cleaning at it's best. Donna gets all of the little places, like the etching grooves on glass vases, as well as the big stuff like moving furniture to clean behind it and under it. I have asked a lot of her, and she has never let me down.  She provides all of the cleaning supplies, but will use yours if you prefer. I could find someone who charges less, but Donna delivers such a quality service that I trust her to do the job I want done, every time.”


Robert S. says..."Donna just started with us a few weeks ago.  She is punctual...organized...meticulous when it comes to high standards of cleaning.  Donna also happens to be an incredibly friendly, honest, flexible and hardworking individual who earns every penny she makes. Besides the obvious household cleaning duties, she tends to focus extra time on the less obvious things to be cleaned. We are happy to see her come and happy to see her go at the end of a shift because our place looks so much better and cleaner afterwards. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Her rates are also competitive.  She has been a great Angie's List "find"."


Marcia R. says..."Donna cleans our 4000 square foot house in about four hours every other week, and she does an outstanding job (even with several teenage kids and dogs in the house!) I have been using her for house cleaning for several months now, and Donna is the best housekeeper I have had! Thorough, meticulous, very attentive to details, extremely efficient, hard-working, honest, very personable...I highly recommend her!!!  She is very eager to please and goes above and beyond the typical house cleaning services- in fact she even drove me to and from work recently when my car battery was dead! I also like the fact that she confirms the service the day before, as I have had many others either cancel on the day of service or not show up at all.  I am completely satisfied with Donna and the excellent job that she does!"

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