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Housecleaning by the OCD Sisters

House Cleaning in ManaSota, Manatee, Pinellas and Sarasota Counties Florida


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Rave Reviews for Housingcleaning by the OCD Sisters


Gail D. says..."I called Donna in the middle of the week and told her I needed someone ASAP. She was most helpful and suggested Sat at 9am. Clara arrived on time + with her own equipment/products. She worked for 9 hours with only a few short breaks. The place was a MESS.  As an added issue to be dealt with, she had to work around my nephew who was painting the ceilings. She was cheerful and helpful throughout. Overall, I was very satisfied and would call OCD again if I needed help with such a big job."


Marlene B. says..."Complete weekly cleaning of my 3200 sq ft residence. Foyer, exercise rm, den, liv rm, din rm, 3 bdrms, 3/12 baths and stairs. Donna absolutely lives up to the name "OCD sisters"; meaning no attention to detail is overlooked. Donna has been impeccably maintaining our home for at least six months now. I really liked her when I interviewed her and she has never disappointed. She is punctual, thorough and flexible. Since I am on a weekly schedule Donna will sometimes devote more time and attention to a certain area like shutters (there are quite a few) and maybe the next visit will be extra attention to the guest room. I love that she has those organizational skills and she's always open to suggestion if you have certain way you like things done or a favorite product that you use. She has also recommended a number of products that are now my favorites! Donna is also an excellent pet sitter; my kitties love her!"

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